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Ready to build a wildly successful business?

Whether your business is new with great potential or you’re well-established, if you want to build a wildly successful business and reach the next level without crushing your life, this workshop will help. Here’s the curriculum that will launch you into the next stratosphere of success.

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The Accelerator Curriculum

Every stage takes the guesswork out of building your business and gives you a clear plan so you stop spinning your wheels wondering what you should do next.

Stage 1
Build A Sustainable 
Business Model
Weeks 1-4

Most business owners spend 99% of their time doing work they hate. We’ll help you discover your zone of genius and align your business to what matters most to you so you can achieve long-term success. 

DISC Profile: discover your intrinsic motivators, strongest skills, and acknowledge weaknesses, with this intrinsic behavioral profiling tool.

Personal Mission Statement: A personal mission statement puts your life in focus, aligns your core values, passions, and talents so you can live your best life.

Develop Your Summit Goal-Mapping Framework: Goal setting is as much of a science as it is a skill that needs to be mastered. 

  • Identify the exciting, big goals you want to achieve.

  • Learn how to build the roadmap to get there. 

  • Get laser-focused and have clarity on what steps you need to take each week.

Success and Prosperity Mindset: Get the tools you need to replace limiting beliefs and develop a success and prosperity mindset. 

Stage 2
Develop A Marketing 
System That Works
Weeks 5- 16

The marketing playbook used by billion-dollar brands, developed for small businesses

Step 1 - Customer and Message Clarity

Identify your best customers and find the right words to use to get them to pay attention.

Identify your ideal customer:
Develop an in-depth ideal customer profile to create a clear path forward for your marketing, sales, and business.

Create a clear message so more customers listen:
The world is noisy. We’ll help you develop a message framework that’s the foundation for all of your marketing so you can stand out and be heard.

Craft an irresistible product promise:
Get customers to lean in and say “I need that” with a clear value proposition.

Step 2 - Attraction Assets

Develop your key marketing assets to attract your ideal customers.

Wireframe a website that sells:
Learn the 5 sections all websites must have to convert and avoid wasting time and money on a website that’s a bust.

Develop and outline a lead magnet to capture leads:
Most customers don’t buy on first impulse. Capture leads and build a relationship with a lead magnet so you’re there when they are ready to buy.

Develop a nurture and sales email campaign:
Nurture, inform, and build trust with an email campaign that sells 24/7

Step 3 - Attraction System

Create a repeatable system to attract customers.

Build - Learn how to create compelling content with ease:
Create compelling content and establish yourself as an authority people want to work for. Stop chasing and start attracting.

Borrow - Develop a partnership and collaboration strategy:
Gain more exposure and grow your business faster by partnering with key collaborators.

Buy - Identify the best channel for your advertising dollars

Stage 3
Sell More By 
Selling Less
Weeks 17-20

No pushy sales tactics required. We’ll teach you how.

Proprietary process: develop a sellable framework that highlights your genius, your uniqueness, and gets customers to buy-in.

Sell without the sleaze: Learn how to conduct effective discovery calls and land more sales.

Client outreach: Develop a winning client outreach strategy to keep your pipeline full.

Stage 4
Execute And Accelerate 
Your Business
Weeks 20-24

Implement what you’ve learned and grow your business

Meet bi-weekly to connect, overcome your biggest obstacles, and build lasting momentum.

Refine and optimize what you’ve created.

Answer questions and overcome your biggest obstacles.

Get instant feedback.

Build confidence in your business.

Helping impact-driven founders build a business they love

When you go through our accelerator you’ll come away saying…


I love what I do


I love who I help


I love my business


I freakin’ love my life

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you:

  • Show up every week

  • Do the work and Implement it

  • Commit to the full program

And you still don’t feel like it has been worth your time and investment, we’ll give you a full refund.

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