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An accountability group for women entrepreneurs who want to play bigger!

Increase your revenue by 25% in 6 months or get a full refund*.

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Do You Want To...

  • Move beyond the overwhelm to confidently take the next step to accelerate your business

  • Reach your goals faster because you have a like-minded, supportive group helping you elevate

  • Rapidly scale your business the right way with less mistakes, frustration, and time wasted

  • Take back control of your life and business to have it all without sacrificing

  • Unleash a part of you itching to come out, so you can go after what you want

  • AND enjoy the journey

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this group is for YOU!

Fuel to Fire†™™ Entrepreneur Accountability groups act as your personal board of advisors

Hear a message from Midori Verity, Fuel to Fire™ CEO

If you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you've committed to, you will increase your chance of success by up to 95%.

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-Study from the American Society for Training and Development

A few of our clients include

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Challenges Fuel To Fire will solve for you

Are you busy putting out fires?

- hard to prioritize business growth.

Tired of doing too much on your own?

- but don't have the revenue to hire super stars?

Feel alone?

- want support from those who 'get it'?

Do you have drive & determination?

- but aren't progressing fast enough?

You know what to do but...

– you need a bit of a kick.

Feel stuck or overwhelmed?

– unsure about steps to take? 

Do you have an inner flame?

- and it's burning to be released!

Need systems and trainings?  

- so your business is more efficient & easier to run?

Ready to get results?

- in less than 90-days?

Are you already cruising & want to accelerate? 

We cracked the code

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to accelerate your results


Fuel to Fire™ Accountability Method

We won’t let you procrastinate, make excuses, or give up on your goals.

You’ll be paired to a small accountability pod with high-achieving business owners who’ll keep you motivated and laser focused on results – no matter what!


Goal-Mapping Framework

We’ll give you the proven 7-figure goal-mapping framework to grow your business with ease.

Get the tools that Fortune 100 companies are using to overcome challenges and hit big, measurable milestones consistently.



We support you every step of the way, so you’ll never second guess what you’re doing.

Our unique 90-day program is led by Midori Verity – a top business consultant with over 25+ years of entrepreneurial experience, who won’t stop supporting you until you reach your next level!

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Schedule a Goals-Strategy Session

A goals specialist will call you to clarify your biggest goals & challenges, then see if you're a fit for this program.

Fuel to Fire™™™™
Accountability Group membership includes:

Hand-Picked Accountability Group

We pair you with successful peers who have complimentary skill-sets or backgrounds to your's—so you can provide immediate value to each other.

Private Accountability Facilitator

Groups are led by a trained Accountability Faciliator to ensure members are accountable, focused, and supported.

Clarity and Processes on How to Define and Hit Stretch Goals

Systems for knowing which goals lead to the highest profits, plus a template for writing them down and a clear roadmap to prioritizing then executing.

Goal-Setting Framework Used by Google, Netflix, and Amazon

Google, Intel and thousands more attribute the OKR framework to the colossal success of their companies.

Weekly Zoom Mastermind Calls

Weekly Zooms with your group allow you to share wins and challenges, so you can get feedback and ideas to maintain momentum.

Monthly Masterclasses, Workshops and Networking 

Meet other members going through Fuel to Fire who can be referrals, clients or resources.

Maximize Your Productivity

Our structure will help you break stretch goals down by weekly targets and action items is the fastest way to realize your 90-day goals.

Coaching and Support from Midori and Elite Guests 

Midori runs monthly group calls that teach and walk you through every aspect of the program so you know exactly how to executethe systems, resources, goals and roadmaps given. They're also available for support questions and 1:1 coaching calls.

Ready to ignite your business, so you can LIVE HOW YOU WANT?!  

Here's your 3 steps...

Book your free VIP goals strategy session.


A Goals Strategist will help you set your 90-day goals.


If you're a fit for the program they'll discuss it further.



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Our members are hitting huge goals

In 45 days, I tripled my prices and made $11,400 in NEW revenue.

Freelance Copywriter

I've hit all my 12 month goals in 6 months. Fuel to Fire puts the fire under me to do the uncomfortable.

 I am a lifer for Fuel to Fire as my business has tripled in just one year.

Closer Pros, LLC

I landed the Nordstrom's account!

Stacie Jo
Stacie Jo Designs

Last month we finally went profitable at $12k and this month we're on pace for $20k.

Sieker Painting

Our team is more productive, and has processes for everything.


I had my highest sales in one day - $2.5mm! So, I met my goal of the one big client. Feels awesome!

I've made more progress in the last 2 months than I have in the last 2 years.

Out of Hat

We've grown into an international company with overseas execs.

Midori Verity, CEO and Business Strategist

As a serial entrepreneur with three decades of experience building businesses, and working with startups to Fortune 500 companies, I know what it takes to grow a business without costing you your sanity.

Plus, as a mom, I know the added responsibilities that go into being a successful business owner and a parent and the pitfalls that come with trying to do it all. I’ve so been there!


That’s why I’ve created Fuel to Fire to support women who want to live extraordinary lives using their business as the catalyst. 

CEO of Fuel to Fire™ Accountability Group

Midori headshot- all biz .jpg

The Queen of Goal Achievement

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Frequently asked questions

If you're ready to make your goals a reality...

Schedule your Goals Strategy Plan


See if Fuel to Fire™ is right for you


*Show up each week, follow the system, complete your promises, and if you don't increase your revenue by 25% in 6 months, we'll refund your investment. Yup, just like that!

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