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How To Build a Business That Aligns With Your Personal Mission Statement and Core Values With Midori Verity

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24 Minutes

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Midori Verity talks about her first company and the lessons she learned while building it
  • What are the components of a personal mission statement?
  • How the idea for Fuel to Fire came about and how her accountability group works
  • Midori’s tips for creating an efficient accountability system
  • How accountability groups help entrepreneurs handle various business challenges
  • Midori talks about her Summit Goal-Mapping Framework

In this episode:

Are you struggling to do everything inside your business? Are you feeling burned out? How can you stay afloat and reach your goals?

As an experienced entrepreneur, mentor, and coach, Midori Verity knows that the secret is to start by staying in your zone of genius. Figure out what you excel at, what you love to do, focus on your talents, and delegate the rest to others so you can stay laser-focused on your goals. Building a business that aligns with your personal mission statement and core values helps you and your employees remain clear on where the company is going. Creating an efficient system and framework will guide and accelerate you towards your objectives. Midori says that by adding an accountability group of like-minded people to your repertoire, you will get the extra support you need to elevate your business and get the results your want.

In this episode of the Systems Simplified podcast, Adi Klevit is joined by Midori Verity, the CEO of Fuel to Fire, to discuss how accountability groups help entrepreneurs scale their businesses. Midori talks about the challenges she faced building her first company, the components of a personal mission statement, and the value and many benefits of accountability groups.

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