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5 Best Ways to Build Effective Collaboration for Business Growth

The Power of Collaboration

Do you set big fat goals and work hard to achieve them, but there seems to be a weird force that keeps you from your objective? If this cycle continues over time, our confidence erodes and even worse – we stop setting goals.

Power of collaboration to achieve business goals

Here's the deal – you may be missing only one important component. You know your 'what' and 'why', but do you have the correct 'how' to the puzzle?

You're probably talented in many areas but none of us have skills in every department. This is where the power of collaboration can catapult your success!

Collaboration to Save the World

Collaboration has exploded as a result of that world wide illness take consumed our lives.

The University of Oxford and AstraZeneca collaborated quickly and efficiently to plan and release a vaccine.

Johnson & Johnson and a small unknown firm combined to bring to market a vaccine as well. These resulted in the fastest vaccine roll-outs in the history of humankind.

The reason? Large corporations have distribution models, financing, and clout. The universities and smaller research institutions have cutting-edge knowledge. When they work together, we (clearly) all are better for it.

Business collaboration for growth

During the pandemic, entire organizations/universities across the globe joined to share their specialties, knowledge, and findings.

A vaccine in outrageously swift time shows us the power of strategic collaboration. It's a target where one + one = exponential growth.

What a lesson we as entrepreneurs can learn. With focused determination and an open mind to partner, quite literally almost anything is possible.

Here are 5 Best Ways to Build Effective Collaboration

1. What's the Goal

Think about your final destination. One sentence - what do you want to accomplish?

2. What's Your Zone of Genius

Where are you naturally talented, what you love to do, and what traits or skills are needed to achieve your objective? Write down your strengths and weaknesses. This will give you a clearer understanding of where you currently are and what you need.

Read tip #3 for a tool to help you uncover your natural gifts and areas you prefer to avoid (aka, your weaknesses).

3. Make a List of Those Who Fit Your Requirements

Although you want someone who has a different skill set, you still need to mesh. Pay attention to personality styles. Are you a strong, dominant person? You will work best with a more supportive type of personality. Are you known as a social butterfly? You most likely stink at organization. Find someone good at it.

The DISC behavioral assessment is an excellent tool to help you realize your style and who will work best with you.

4. Create Your Pitch Using the 4 P's System

Pack your pitch with a punch. I mean, pack it with personality, passion, picture, and projection. The 4 P's, baby.

Think of the big picture of what this collaboration will lead to. What will be the exciting outcome of your project?

Tie it all together with a bow, and make sure to exhibit your passion for what you and your partner can make happen.

5. Reach Out. Engage Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

Now that you know where you're going and who you need - don't be afraid to reach out. It's time to tap into your entrepreneurial success mindset.

The one thing all of the suggestions above have in common? The key to making this come to life is a mindset for success. This means you think in results and determination. When you're focused on your big goal and know nothing will stop you, you find solutions to obstacles.

Simply put, know your objective and understand who will be the best fit for the partnership. Then go make it happen.

You got this! Your vision and goals don't need to be just a wish. Once you implement the strategies above your journey can become far easier and more enjoyable!


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