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The Entrepreneur's Triangle of Success

Updated: May 29, 2023

I remember when I was young first hearing about the Bermuda Triangle. To the best of my recollection, it was (in my eight-year-old mind) a place where everything got lost. Planes, people, ships. Definitely not the place you'd want to go (although some days, with all the responsibilities, getting lost for a few years sounds like a decent idea).

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs I speak with feel caught in the Bermuda Triangle of entrepreneurship. They have ideas that get lost. They have plans that never see the light of day. Sometimes they even get something started and have no idea where it ended up.

Instead of the Bermuda Triangle of Entrepreneurship, I'd like to introduce you to the Entrepreneurs Triangle of Success. I've been through this model (and several iterations of it, so I know it's safe.) You'll make it back!

Let's take a trip, shall we, into...the Entrepreneurs Triangle.

There are three critical elements needed to achieve tremendous success as an entrepreneur:

#1 Accountability

"An accountability partner makes you vastly more likely to succeed" -Entrepreneur Magazine

You want to be accountable to others who are driven and knowledgeable in what you're trying to achieve. Having your mom or bestie is often not the more effective partner.

Think of it like having a fitness trainer. You'll show up and work harder when you know someone expects you to rise to the occasion.

#2: Business Systems

Systems make running a business far more effortless, simpler, and way more efficient. Without systems in place, it's like trying to put together a puzzle, blindfolded, and half the puzzle falls on the floor. Not likely a good result.

Sound systems should be used in your business as much as possible. Systems should be:


Simple to use so you can hand off

Clear steps

It helps save brain calories, so you have the energy to get more done

#3: Guidance/Coaching/Mentorship

Ask anyone who has achieved great success if they did it alone. Very unlikely. More probable is this individual will give you a list of mentors who opened doors to opportunity.

Having a trusted and knowledgeable mentor is key to overcoming challenges, knowing what to focus on, and learning from their mistakes.

It's common to hear successful people say they were lucky. However, I come from the mindset that you can create your luck.

The great news is, there are impactful entrepreneur groups where you can tap into their experience and genius.

Look for an organization with a strong culture of support and help to uplift each other. You'll quickly see your 'luck' coming to fruition!

Having someone to get you out of your head and into the game of entrepreneurship is a game-changer and will create momentum for your company. Although I gently call it a game, it can be serious business - and serious fun.

Use the points here, and maybe you'll soon be on your way to a well-deserved vacation in a tropical location as a reward for a job well done. Just don't go, you know where!


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